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Biomimetic Papers

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Using PBwiki as a document repository can dramatically reduce the number of email attachments you have to send.  Even a simple repository like the one below can provide helpful context for official and unofficial documents.


To add a document, click on "Insert links > Images and files", and upload the file.  The file should appear in the right hand menu.  Highlight where you'd like the link to go and click the filename.


To extend this template, you can either click within the table and use the "Row > Insert Row" command, or use "Table Properties" to expand the table as desired.


Remember, you can create your own customized version of any PBwiki template simply by tagging that page with the keyword "template".  From then on, any user of your wiki will be able to use your page template.


Document Respository


Document Author
3D-Mapping of Macrotermes Michaelseni Mounds and Simulation of their Homoestatic Function - Lessons for Human Construction? Soar R. et al
A Bio-Inspired Flying Robot Sheds Light on Insect Piloting Abilities Franceschini N. et al
A Biologically Inspired Object Tracking System DuBois R.
A biologically inspired programming model for self-healing systems George S. et al
A biomimetic sensor for a crawling minirobot Liu W. et al
A Bionic Neural Network for Fish-Robot Locomotion Zhang D. et al
A computational study of the aerodynamic performance of a dragon fly wing section in gliding flight Vargas A. et al
A Method for Biomimetic Design of a Cooperative Mobile Robot System to Accomplish a Foraging Task Fleischer J.G.
A New Endoscopic Microcapsule Robot Using Beetle Inspired Microfibrillar Adhesives Cheung E. et al
A novel distributed swarm control strategy based on coupled signal oscillators Hartbauer M. et al
A novel strain sensor based on the campaniform sensillum of insects Skordos A.
A Simple Vision-Based Algorithm for Decision Making in Flying Drosophila Maimon G. et al
Active articulation for future space applications inspired by the hydraulic system of spiders Menon C. et al
Adaptive Cricket-Inspired Artificial Hair Sensor Arrays Jaganatharaja R.K. et al
Adhesion and Detachment of the Toe Pads of Tree Frogs Hanna G. et al
Adhesion and friction in gecko toe attachment and detachment Tian Y. et al
Adhesive force of a single gecko foot-hair Autumn K. et al
Aerodynamcs and Energetics of Animal Flight Based on Propeller Models Underwood J.
Afferent projections of infrared-sensitive sensilla in the beetle Melanphila acuminata (Coleoptera: Buprestidae) Gronenberg W. et al
Allometry of quadrupedal locomotion: The scaling of duty factor, bone curvature and limb orientations to body size Biewener A.A.
AmphiBot I an amphibious snake-like robot Crespi A. et al
An Active Stereo Vision System based on neural pathways of human bioncular motor system Gu Y. et al
An Analysis of Collective Movement Models for Robotic Swarms Othman W. et al
An Integrative Model of Insect Control Dickson W.B. et al
Analysis of foraging behavior in ant swarms based on Starlogo simulation Liu B. et al
Ant Algorithms for Self-Organization in Social Networks Michlmayr E.
Applications — Influence of Biology on Engineering Vincent J.
Artificial evolution of the morphology and kinematics in a flapping-wing mini-UAV De Margerie E. et al
Automated Construction using Co-operating Biomimetic Robots Bowyer A.
Bacteria Colony Approaches with Variable Velocity Applied to Path Optimization of Mobile Robots  dos Santos Coelho L. et al


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