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Biomimetic Papers

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Scholarly Paper Index


Document Author
3D-Mapping of Macrotermes Michaelseni Mounds and Simulation of their Homoestatic Function - Lessons for Human Construction? Soar R. et al
A Bio-Inspired Flying Robot Sheds Light on Insect Piloting Abilities Franceschini N. et al
A Biologically Inspired Object Tracking System DuBois R.
A biologically inspired programming model for self-healing systems George S. et al
A biomimetic sensor for a crawling minirobot Liu W. et al
A Bionic Neural Network for Fish-Robot Locomotion Zhang D. et al
A computational study of the aerodynamic performance of a dragon fly wing section in gliding flight Vargas A. et al
A Method for Biomimetic Design of a Cooperative Mobile Robot System to Accomplish a Foraging Task Fleischer J.G.
A New Endoscopic Microcapsule Robot Using Beetle Inspired Microfibrillar Adhesives Cheung E. et al
A novel distributed swarm control strategy based on coupled signal oscillators Hartbauer M. et al
A novel strain sensor based on the campaniform sensillum of insects Skordos A.
A Simple Vision-Based Algorithm for Decision Making in Flying Drosophila Maimon G. et al
Active articulation for future space applications inspired by the hydraulic system of spiders Menon C. et al
Adaptive Cricket-Inspired Artificial Hair Sensor Arrays Jaganatharaja R.K. et al
Adhesion and Detachment of the Toe Pads of Tree Frogs Hanna G. et al
Adhesion and friction in gecko toe attachment and detachment Tian Y. et al
Adhesive force of a single gecko foot-hair Autumn K. et al
Aerodynamcs and Energetics of Animal Flight Based on Propeller Models Underwood J.
Afferent projections of infrared-sensitive sensilla in the beetle Melanphila acuminata (Coleoptera: Buprestidae) Gronenberg W. et al
Allometry of quadrupedal locomotion: The scaling of duty factor, bone curvature and limb orientations to body size Biewener A.A.
AmphiBot I an amphibious snake-like robot Crespi A. et al
An Active Stereo Vision System based on neural pathways of human bioncular motor system Gu Y. et al
An Analysis of Collective Movement Models for Robotic Swarms Othman W. et al
An Integrative Model of Insect Control Dickson W.B. et al
Analysis of foraging behavior in ant swarms based on Starlogo simulation Liu B. et al
Ant Algorithms for Self-Organization in Social Networks Michlmayr E.
Applications — Influence of Biology on Engineering Vincent J.
Artificial evolution of the morphology and kinematics in a flapping-wing mini-UAV De Margerie E. et al
Automated Construction using Co-operating Biomimetic Robots Bowyer A.
Bacteria Colony Approaches with Variable Velocity Applied to Path Optimization of Mobile Robots  dos Santos Coelho L. et al
Bacterium-inspired robots for environmental monitoring Dhariwal A. et al
Bio-inspired Micro-drills for Future Planetary Exploration
Menon C. et al
Bioinspired surfaces with special wettability
Sun T. et al
Biological materials Structure and mechanical properties
Meyers M. et al
Biologically Inspired Miniature Water Strider Robot
Suhr S.H. et al
Biologically Inspired Adhesion based Surface Climbing Robots
Menon C. et al
Biologically Inspired Behavioral Strategies for Autonomous Aerial Explorers on Mars
Plice L. et al
Biologically inspired calibration-free adaptive saccade control of a a binocular camera head
Bruske J. et al
Biologically Inspired Design Of Small Flapping WIng AIr Vehicles Using Fout-Bar Mechanisms and Quasi-steady Aerodynamics
Madangopal R. et al
Biologically Inspired Feedback Design for Drosophila flight
Epstein M. et al
Biologically inspired models for sensor network design
Wokoma I. et al
Biologically inspired obstacle avoidance: a technology-dependent paradigm
Abbot D. et al
Biologically Inspired Reconfigurable Hardware For Dependable Applications
Ortega C. et al
Biologically-inspired artificial neurons: modeling and applications Scholles M. et al
Biologically-Inspired Bodies Under Surface Waves—Part 2: Theoretical Control of Maneuvering
Bandyopadhyay P. R. et al
Biomaterial-based infrared detection Yavuz O. et al
Biomimetic centering behavior Argyros A.A. et al
Biomimetic Control with a Feedback Coupled Nonlinear Oscillator - Insect Experimens, Design Tools, and Hexapedal Robot Adaptation Results
Bailey S.A.
Biomimetic Design and Fabrication of a Hexapedal Running Robot
Clark J.E. et al
Biomimetic micromechanical adaptive flow-sensor arrays Krijnen G. et al
Biomimetic nanotechnology and nonlinear dynamics Raiesdana S. et al
Biomimetic structure design — a possible approach to change the brittleness of ceramics in nature
Wang C. et al
Biomimetic study of the explosive discharge of the bombardier beetle
Beheshti N. et al
Biomimetic zinc oxide replica with structural color using butterfly (Ideopsis similis) wings as templates
Zhang W. et al
Biomimetics and the case of the remarkable ragworms
Hesselberg T.
Biomimetics Applied to Centering in Microassembly
Shu L. et al
Biomimetics as a model for inspiring human innovation
Bar-Cohen Y.
Biomimetics of Campaniform Sensilla: Measuring Strain from the Deformation of Holes Vincent J. et al
Biomimetics—using nature to inspire human innovation Bar-Cohen Y.
Biomimicry of Bacterial Forgaing Passino K.M.
Biomimicry of Social Foraging Bacteria for Distributed Optimization - Models, Principles and Emergent Behaviors
Liu Y. et al
Biomimicry of Termite Engineering As Innovative Solution for Water and Soil Conservation Elmahdi A.
Biosonar-inspired technology: goals, challenges and insights Muller R. et al
Bombardier Beetles and Airplane Engines Harrub B. et al
BoxyBot- a swimming and crawling fish robot controlled by a central pattern generator Lachat D. et al
Bristled shark skin: a microgeometry for boundary layer control? Lang A. et al
Caterpillar locomotion- A new model for soft-bodied climbing and burrowing robots Trimmer B.A. et al
Central Programming and Reflex Control of Walking in the Cockroach Pearson K.G.
Circumcolumnar microstructure of Tumblebug cuticle and biomimetic application Chen B. et al
Come Fly with Me Dickinson M.
Comparing the Locomotion Dynamics of the Cockroach and a Shape Deposition Manufacture Biomimetic Hexapod Bailey S.A. et al
Cooperative optimal control: broadening the reach of bio-inspiration Shao C. et al
Cricket Inspired Flow-Sensor Arrays Krijnen G. et al
Design and mechanical properties of insect cuticle Vincent J.
Design, Fabrication and Performances of a Biomimetic Robotic Earthworm Menciassi A. et al
Design of a bio-inspired controller for dynami soaring in a simulated unmanned aerial vehicle
Barate R. et al
Design of a Cockroach-Like Running Robt for the 2004 SAE Walking Machine Challenge Lavoie M.A. et al
Design of a Mechanism for a Biaxial Rotation of a Wing for a Hovering Vehicle McIntosh S.H. et al
Design of a parallel crank-rocker flapping mechanism for insect-inspired micro air vehicles
Conn A. et al
Design of an Artificial Muscle Actuated Finger Bundhoo V. et al
Designing a Biomimetic Ornithopter Capable of Sustained and Controlled Flight Park J. et al
Development of a Biomimetic Quadruped Robot Ho T. et al
Digital pheromone mechanisms for coordination of unmanned vehicles ParunaK H.V.D. et al
Direct measurements of the kinematics and dynamics of bat flight Tian X. et al
Distributed mechanical feedback in arthropods and robots simplifies control of rapid running on challenging terrain Spagna J. et al
Dolphin skin as a natural anisotropic compliant wall
Pavlov V.
Dolphin sonar—modelling a new receiver concept Dobbins P.
Dynamics of geckos running vertically Autumn K.
Dynamics of rapid vertical climbing in cockroaches veveals a template Goldman D.
Electromagnetic Applications of Biomimetic Research Stone M.O.
Emergent Behavior Based Implements for Distributed Network management Wittner O.
Engineering Swarming Systems  Parunak H.V.D. et al
Exploring the use of Functional models as a foundation for biomimetic conceptual design Tinsley A. et al
Fabrication of gecko foot-hair like nano structures and adhesion to random rough surfaces Campolo D. et al
Fast-start Performance and Body Form in Seven Species of Teleost Fish Webb P.W.
Fish and chips implementation of a neural network model into computer chips to maximize swimming efficiency in autonomous underwater vehicles
Blake R.W. et al
Flocks, herds, and schools: A distributed behavioral model Reynolds C.W.
Fracture Toughness Properties of Three Different Biomaterials Measured by Nanoindentation
Sun J. et al
Frictional adhesion: a new angle on gecko attachment
Autumn K.
From Cellulose To Cell Vincent J.F.V.
From honeybees to Internet servers: biomimicry for distributed managment of Internet hosting centers Nakrani S. et al
Gecko Inspired Surface Climbing Robots Menon C. et al
Geometrical features and wettability of dung beetles and potential biomimetic engineering applications in tillage implements Tong J. et al
Halteres for the Micromechanical Flying Insect
Wu W. et al
Heat Transfer through Penguin Feathers Dawson C. et al
Helicoidal microstructure of Scarabaei cuticle and biomimetic research Chen B. et al
Hydrophobic duck feathers and their simulation on textile substrates for water repellent treament Liu Y. et al
Insects did it first: a micropatterened adhesive tape for robotic applications Gorb S. et al
Insects in flight direct visualization and flow measurements Bomphrey R.
Inspiration, simulation and design for smart robot manipulators from the sucker actuation mechanism of cephalopods Grasso F. et al
Investigations into the design principles in the chemotatic behavior of Esherichia cell Kim T. et al
Laminated microstructure of Bivalva shell and research of biomimetic ceramic/polymer composite Chen B. et al
Lift and power requirements of hovering flight in Drosophila virillus Sun M. et al
Limb mechanics as a function of speed and gait: a study of functional strains in the radius and tibia of horse and dog Rubin C.T. et al
Locomotion with flexible propulsors: I. Experimental analysis of pectoral fin swimming in sunfish
Lauder G. et al
Locomotion with flexible propulsors: II. Computational modeling of pectoral fin swimming in sunfish Mittal R. et al
Locomotive Mechanism Design and Fabrication of Biomimetic Micro Robot Using Shape Memory Alloy Lee Y.P. et al
Macromodel for the Mechanics of of Gecko Hair Adhesion Reyes M.P. et al
Materical Modeling for Shape Deposition Manufacturing of Biomimetic Components Xu X. et al
Mechanical and Anatomical Adaptations in Terrestrial and Aquatic Buttercups to their Respective Environments Usherwood J. et al
Mechanical Properties in relation to chemical constituents of postmolt cuticle of the blue crab Dendinger J.E. 
Mechanical Properties of a crab shell Hepburn H.R. et al
Mechanical properties of silkworm cocoons Zhao H. et al
Mechanics of a mosquito bite with applications to microneedle design Ramasubramanian M. et al
Mechanics of a rapid running insect: two-, four-, and six-legged locomotion Full R.J. et al
Mechanics of dog walking compared with a passive, stiff-limbed, 4-bar linkage model, and their collisional implications Usherwood J. et al
Mechanisms of Adhesion in Geckos Autumn K. et al
Mechatronics and buoyancy implementation of robotic fish swimming with modular fin mechanisms
Low K.
Micro-optical artificial compound eyes Duparre J. et al
Modeling the Cellular Level of Natural Sensing with the Functional Basis for the Design of Biomimetic Sensor Technology Stone R.B. et al
Multimodal sensory integration in insects—towards insect brain control architectures Wessnitzer J. et al
Numerical simulations of undulatory swimming at moderate Reynolds number Eldredge J.
On Ants, Bacteria and Dynamic Environments Ramos V. et al
Optimal Control of a Mackerel-Mimicking Robot for Energy Efficient Trajectory Tracking Lee S. et al
Parametric Research of Experiments on Carangiform Robotic Fish Yan Q. et al
Passive cambering and flexible propulsors: cetacean flukes Fish F. et al
Path Planning Optimization for Mobile Robots based on Bacteria Colony Approach Sierakowski C.A. et al
Phasing of dragonfly wings can improve aerodynamic efficiency by removing swirl
Usherwood J. et al
Plants and Animals as Concept Generators for the Development of Biomimetic Cable Entry Systems
Masselter T. et al
Pro-active trajectory formation Brussee A.J. et al
Reactive maze solving with a biologically-inspired wind sensor Chapman T. et al
Renewable fluid dynamic energy derived from aquatic animal locomotion Dabiri J. et al
Replication of butterfly wing and natural lotus leaf structures by  nanoimprint on silica sol-gel films Saison T. et al
Research on the Swing of the Body of Two-Joint Robot Fish Liu Y. et al
Review of fish swimming modes for aquatic locomotion
Sfakiotakis M. et al
Running over rough terrain: guinea fowl maintain dynamic stability despite a large unexpected change in substrate height Daley M. 
Sensors, motors, and tuning in the cochlea: interacting cells could form a surface acoustic wave resonator Bell A.
Short-amplitude high-frequency wing strokes determine the aerodynamics of honeybee flight
Altshuler D.L. et al
Simulation of Fluid Flow in a Channel Induced by Three Types of Fin-Like Motion  
Soil Adhesion and Biomimetics of Soil-engaging Components: a Review  
Solving materials design problems in biology and technology- a case study Vincent J.F.V.
Some Biological Hints on the Control of Heat and Mass Transfer Hagiwara Y.
Stigmergic Optimization: Inspiration, Technologies and Perspectives Grosan C. et al
Structural correlates of increased adhesive efficiency with adult size in the toe pads of hylid tree frogs Smith J. et al
Structural properties of a scaled gecko foot-hair Berengueres J. et al
Structure and mechanical properties of crab exoskeletons Chen P. et al
Structure and mechanical properties of selected biological materials
Chen P. et al
The active control of wing rotation by Drosophila Dickinson M. 
The aerodynamics of avian take-off from direct pressure measurements in Canada geese (Branta canadensis) Usherwood J.
The aerodynamics of revolving wings I. Model hawkmoth wings Usherwood J. et al
The aerodynamics of revolving wings II. Propeller force coefficients from mayfly to quail Usherwood J. et al
The bombardier beetle and its use of a pressure relief valve system to deliver a periodic pulsed spray Beheshti N. et al
The Chameleon Suit- a Liberated Future for Space Explorers
Qian S. et al
The control of flight force by a flapping wing: life and drag production Sane S.P. et al
The control of wing kinematics and flight forces in fruit flies (Drosophila spp.)
Lehmann F.O. et al
The dream of staying clean: Lotus and biomimetic surfaces Solga A. et al
The Frictional Coefficient of Bovine Knee Articular Cartilage Qian S. et al
The Fuzzy Ant Rozin V. et al
The Initiation and Control of Rapid Flight maneuvers in Fruit Flies 1
Dickinson M.
The kinematics and performance of fish fast-start swimming
Domenici P.
The mechanical design of skin–towards the development of new materials Vincent J. et al
The mechanical design of spider silks: from fibroin sequence to mechanical function Gosline J.M.
The mechanics of jumping versus steady hopping in yellow-footed rock wallabies McGowan C.P. et al
The myth and reality of Gray's paradox: implication of dolphin drag reduction for technology
Fish F.
The Physical Properties of Spider's Silk and their Role in the Design of Orb-Webs Denny M.
The Venus Flytrap as a model for a biomimetic material with build-in sensors and actuators Shahinpoor M. et al
Three-dimensional computational study of insect flight Ramamurti R. et al
Thriving at high hydrostatic pressure: the example of ammonoids (extinct cephalopods) Blasio F. 
Time-resolved reconstruction of the full velocity field around a dynamically-scaled flapping wing
Poelma C. et al
Toe pad morphology and mechanisms Emerson S.B. et al
Toward Mission Capable Legged Robots through Biological Inspiration Quinn R. et al
Two-Dimensional Aerodynamic Models of Insect Flight for Robotic Flapping Wing Mechanisms of Maximum Efficiency Nguyen T. et al
Unsteady aerodynamics and flow control for flapping wing flyers Ho S. et al
Using a binaural biomimetic array to identify bottom objects ensonified by echolocating dolphins Helweg D. et al
Using biological models to improve innovation systems: The case of compuer anti-viral software Rice J. et al
Ventilation and thermal constancy of a cology of a southern African Termite Turner J.
Visual navigation in insects: coupling of egocentric and geocentric information Wehner R.
Walking onf Water: Biolocomotion at the Interface Bush J.W. et al
Wing inertia and whole-body acceleration: an analysis of instantaneous aerodynamic force production in cockatiels (Nymphicus hollandicus) flying across a range of speeds Hedrick T.L. et al


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